Website PHP Version

Shanje includes PHP support with every website you host at Shanje. PHP is a popular open source scripting engine used by popular scripts including WordPress and Joomla.

In 2005, Shanje announced a new feature called PHP Versions. Prior to that time, a hosting company could only offer one version of PHP per server. When a server's PHP version was updated, some PHP based sites would break due to changes between the PHP versions. For example, one PHP script might work quite well with a specific version of PHP 4, but may not work at all with newer versions of PHP 5. When a host only has one PHP version available, some PHP scripts will work while others do not.

Shanje forged a new path by letting the customer select the specific PHP version from a dropdown menu on a per website basis. This was an industry first, and Shanje really lead the way with this one.

PHP Version options are available through the Web Control Panel and Website Control Center.