How Billing Works

The billing process at Shanje is very straight forward. We do not charge any setup fees. All billing is done monthly, on the first day of the month. If there is a problem collecting the monthly charge, you will be emailed at the email address you listed when you opened your Shanje account.

You can select to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time through the Web Control Panel. Shanje does not automatically upgrade or downgrade your plan.

All of our plans feature unlimited bandwidth and unlimited websites. The plan you select only affects how much disk space you can allocate.

If you decide you no longer need your Shanje account, you can use the Close Account option in the Web Control Panel. This will remove your Shanje account and you will not be billed anymore by Shanje. Regardless of when you close an account, we do not offer any refunds. The Close Account option in the Web Control Panel is the only accepted way to close a Shanje account.